Jacksonville Umpires Association

Randy Scott

Started working  slow-pitch games in 1998. Fast-pitch was not as popular at that time. Baseball & softball was played seven days a week. All Jacksonville parks & fields were being utilized. I worked 300 plus slow-pitch games in 2001 to qualify for my first National Tournament plus working weekend baseball games & tournaments. I would leave baseball game & go work 3 to 4 slow-pitch games.

Joined the FHSAA School's division in 2003 working baseball. Two years later signed up for fast-pitch softball. Within five years the majority of my school ball was softball. Now I am working only softball games.

Played fast-pitch for five years in Navy - traveling all over the U.S. playing against the best teams in the World. Worked both Fast-pitch & Slow-pitch National Tournaments in Florida; Alabama, Georgia; North Carolina & Virginia. Worked four FHSAA Fast-pitch State Tournaments. Attended many National Training Schools & Clinics for Fast-pitch. Attended Harry Wendelstedt Baseball umpire School in Daytona Beach, FL.

Softball Instructor (fast-pitch & slow-pitch) for 10 plus years.

Cancer Survivor won battle with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Umpire Experience -- 20 Years

JUA Member -- 20+ Years